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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe


SW Scania constitutes the marginal parts of a regional basin, i.e. the Danish Basin, which stretches across Denmark, SW Scania, NW Germany to the north of Poland.

The site area is bordered to the northeast against uplifted sedimentary strata and crystalline rocks by a large fault zone. The strata are, outside the faulted area, in SW Scania fairly horizontal with local anticline structures

Extensive seismic and drilling investigations of this site date from 1970s when the area was subject to oil and gas prospecting. Later on, during the 1980s, the strata with local anticline structures were subject to investigations concerning aquifer storage of natural gas. In the 1990s, rejuvenated interest in geothermal energy production resulted in drilling of two deep wells in the town of Malmö.

The thoroughly investigated wells are, however, today accessible for further investigations concerning aquifer properties and CO2 storage specific issues. In addition, deep wells in the site area of Southwest Scania these wells render excellent opportunities to evaluate the CO2 storage capacity in the area.

Location: Southern Sweden, province of Scania
Geological setting: Marginal parts of the Danish Basin
Size of model: 1000 km2 (regional) 10 km2 (local)
Type: Multilayered sequence with several trap and seal units
No of wells: 16
Depth interval (reservoirs): 1100-1950 m

South Scania site area

Role of South Southwest Scania site in the MUSTANG project:

 Analysis of well logs and seismic studies.
 Identification of suitable layers.
 Analysis of physio-chemical status.
 Assessing the heterogeneity factor in the multilayered sequence.

RESULTS of South Scania

Key characteristics South Scania

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