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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe


The Maguelone experimental site is located along the Mediterranean lido of the Gulf of Lions passive margin, 10 km to the South of Montpellier. Limited to the North by a coastal lagoon and to the South by the Mediterranean Sea, this site offers a natural laboratory to study porous coastal reservoirs in a clastic and clay-rich context saturated with mostly saline fluids.

The site in France is not a candidate for CO2 storage. It is destined for the testing of novel geo-electric monitoring technologies

Present status:

 two holes, 50 m apart, one cored down to 63 m depth (2003)
 (6 holes drilled/cored at regional scale; MAG-1 cased with PVC, open at the base);
 thorough sedimentological and petrophysical analyses from core;
 downhole logs in both holes, repeated for calibration purposes (induction);
 surface electrical (poor) and seismic images at shallow depth;
 downhole electrical observatory in place since 2004.

Shoreline Maguelone experimental site

Role of Maguelone site in the MUSTANG project:

The following activities are undertaken in the Maguelone site as part of the MUSTANG project:

 drill 5 new holes at shallow depth (25 m), one of them cored;
 completed dowhole logs in all holes, with MST core logging from GEOTEK bench;
 construction of a single injection hole in the 3 m thick conglomerate (~15 m depth);
 set-up of 4 new downhole observatories (electrical, acoustical & hydrodynamic); with surface arrays (electrical and   acoustical) in order to compare surface and downhole monitoring methods (while injecting air in the conglomerate);
 as part of the previous, test of the « 1500 m capacity » imaGeau electrical; monitoring device in terms of downhole   communications.

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