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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe


The CO2CRC Otway Project is Australia’s first demonstration of the deep geological storage of CO2 and one of the most comprehensive geological storage research and demonstration projects.

Since April 2008 over 65,000 tonnes of naturally occurring CO2 and methane have been compressed and piped two kilometres, injected at a depth of 2050 metres and stored underground in a depleted natural gas reservoir.

CO2CRC is monitoring the environment for any changing levels of carbon dioxide in the air, in the soil, in the groundwater and deep underground. In addition, data from the M&V program is being analysed to refine modelling procedures. In Stage 2 of the Project researchers will study CO2 storage in saline formations; a second injection well will be drilled early in 2010. More information…

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Otway project
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