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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe


The site of Hontomín is situated in the province of Burgos, North of Spain. Previous studies on the sedimentary basins showed that there are oilfields and the injection materials are carbonate which are at 800 metres depth.

The Hontomín site is considered to be suitable for storage of CO2, based on the following geological characteristics:
  • Porous and permeable Lower Jurassic (calcareous Lias) aquifers occur at >1200 m depth.
  • The overlying strata composed of Lower Jurassic marl constitute a potential cap-rock.
  • The site includes a closed dome shaped anticline structure (3x5 km) in the Lower Jurassic sequence, large enough for geological storage of CO2.

Figure 1. The Hontomin site, Spain (IDAEA, CSIC, UPC, Tobias Roetting ).

The site in Spain demostrate the pre-investigation (identification) phase of a site suitable for CO2 storage.

The Hontomin storage structure is located in formations of lower Jurassic age: marls as the upper seal, carbonates and dolomites as the storage formation, and anhydrites as lower seal. Hontomin is the site for the CO2 storage Technology Demonstration Plant of the Compostilla OXYCFB300 project, operated by CIUDEN (. CO2 will be injected in a dolomitized level located at some 1450 m depth.

The pre-investigation studies have identified a small structure with a dome shape (aprox. 5 x 3 Km), located in the Hontomín area. A 3D conceptual model of the geological structure is constructed based on seismic investigations and an older well.

Three wells are planned to be drilled. Energy City Foundation (CIUDEN) of the Spanish Government CO2 Geological Storage Programme The borehole setup at Hontomin will consist of three wells: One injection well, one geophysical monitoring well, and one multilevel fluid monitoring well, in a triangular setting. The geophysical monitoring well will be located 100 m from the injection well, and the multilevel fluid monitoring well 40 m from the injection well.

Figure. 3D geological model of the Hontomín Site. (IDAEA, CSIC, UPC, Tobias Roetting ).

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