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A MUltiple Space and Time scale approach for the quAntification of deep saliNe formations for CO2 storaGe

Participant 15– SGU – Swedish Geological Survey
Country Sweden
Web site
Person in charge Dr. Mikael Erlström –
Brief description of the organisation The Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU, is a national authority responsible for questions relating to Sweden’s geological character and handling of minerals. It investigates documents and presents information on the bedrock, Quaternary deposits and groundwater in Sweden.

It has experience in subsurface mapping with focus on deep aquifers, (ii) petrophysical characterization of clastic rocks, (iii) geological modeling of subsurface conditions related to geothermal energy investigations, (iv) mapping of sedimentary rocks.


The Geological Survey of Sweden will participate to the characterization of the Swedish test site.

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